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YouTube Guidelines Violated

(1SP, your content has been removed from YouTube)

This is not the email that I wanted to wake up to this morning…

Have you ever had your content banned or taken down?

It can be very frustrating to find out the content you spent so many hours creating can be taken down just like that, and more confusing you may not even understand why.

Recently I had two of my YouTube videos removed for allegedly violating YouTube’s child safety policy. Let me be clear you want to take the policies of any platform very seriously because you are on rented space and can be kicked off at anytime. YouTube has a 3 strike policy, violate the rules you get a strike, get 3 strikes your account is gone.

Very certain I was not in violation of YouTubes terms, I appealed the decision. Here is how the appeal process works:

    1. Login to YouTube Studio
    2. Locate the Video that was removed
    3. Click the Appeal Link
    4. Write Appeal
    5. Await Decision 


Once Logged into YouTube Studio you will see the content that has been removed has its visibility policy changed to removed and is red, the column directly to the right will give you a link to appeal this decision.

When appealing the decision it is important to include in your appeal what possible violations you are not breaking and how your content adheres to their rules. Because YouTube stated in their email I was possibly violating their child safety policy I reviewed YouTubes policies

Here is what I put in the appeal:

“I have reviewed this video and do not believe it violates the YouTubes guidelines. This video does not depict sexualization, mature content, is not misleading, and does not encourage harassment. This video is similar in content to other videos of this type featuring gymnastics apparel. This video is a collection of images from a photoshoot that was produced for the Apparel Company Ryvl Elite and depicts Gymnast in Gymnastics Apparel, in simple poses or gymnastic positions. The gymnasts depicted participated with Parental consent and was present during the production, and no personal information is available in this video. I’m petitioning to have this content re-instated. If tags, or the video designation needs to be modified, we will quickly rectify this issue based on YouTubes guidance.”

You only have 800 characters to appeal with so don’t write an emotional plea, get right to the point and provide supporting evidence.

I received an appeal decision within a couple of minutes and my videos were immediately public again.

screenshot of email form YouTube

Want to see the Video?

Here is a direct link to the video in question. Please check out the 1SP YouTube Channel, early in 2020 I did a fun quarantine shoot that will give you a few laughs.

I recently had my instagram account disabled for allegedly violating their terms, you can see how I got that account back up here

Now with all of these violations coming at about the same time I suspect I have a troll that is constantly reporting in the hopes to get my content and accounts taken down. I will be writing more on this topic later on how to handle trolls and how to cull your followers.