disabled instagram account screen shot

Where did your Instagram Account go?

As some of you may have noticed the @1SP_Offficial account was missing from Instagram. In my absence several rumors have been circulating as to why the @1SP_Official account was taken down.


Before I show you why the account was disabled I’m going to demonstrate how I recovered my account.


If your instagram is ever disabled you can fill out this simple form at the Instagram Help Center.


My experience was that after completing the form Facebook quickly contacted me to provide verifying document to authenticate who I was.


Here is a screen shot of the email communications. 

Facebook Email

After replying to this initial email with my identification, Facebook had unlocked my account within an hour and provide an explanation as to why the account was disabled. You can see the response below.

Facebook Email

Please note that I have started a new Instagram @1SP.io that I encourage you to follow, I have decided to make this 1SP’s primary account.


I’m really excited to be building back my following and having the opportunity to tell 1SP’s story from the begging.