Celebrating International Women’s Day

girl modeling in tunnel

Over the years there have been several photographers that have influenced the way I work and see my photography, today I’m going feature a few women photographers who have left a lasting imprint.

Nikon Z7II Test Shoot

Nikon Mirorrless Camera with lens

Shooting with the Nikon Z7II Life is change and change is coming to the professional camera world. As more and more manufactures start to offer high-end mirrorless camera I have finally decided it is time to take a look at what they have to offer to my workflow. The camera system I used was rented from Lensrentals.com, Nikon Z7II with […]

Why I like the look of film.

two girls posing in front of Pensacola lighthouse

Why I like the look of film… From my early days in photography I used to shoot more than a roll of film a week. When I was in High School I had my own darkroom and loved the smell of the chemicals and the magic that appears before my eyes in the dimly lit […]