Where did your Instagram Account go?

disabled instagram account screen shot

Where did your Instagram Account go? As some of you may have noticed the @1SP_Offficial account was missing from Instagram. In my absence several rumors have been circulating as to why the @1SP_Official account was taken down. Before I show you why the account was disabled I’m going to demonstrate how I recovered my account. […]

Matt was great from the first time we made contact

Why we loved working with 1SP We’ve had the privilege of working with Matt three different times. Each one he produced top quality images. My daughter is a dancer. He started with a mood board and handled the entire process with the utmost professionalism. The styling was great! The first shoot we worked on together […]


image of glowing hashtag

Do you know where to place the hashtags in you instagram post? To get the most engagement on social media there is a preferred location.

Celebrating International Women’s Day

girl modeling in tunnel

Over the years there have been several photographers that have influenced the way I work and see my photography, today I’m going feature a few women photographers who have left a lasting imprint.

Nikon Z7II Test Shoot

Nikon Mirorrless Camera with lens

Shooting with the Nikon Z7II Life is change and change is coming to the professional camera world. As more and more manufactures start to offer high-end mirrorless camera I have finally decided it is time to take a look at what they have to offer to my workflow. The camera system I used was rented from Lensrentals.com, Nikon Z7II with […]