About the creator

A creative mind matched with the technical skill to turn your vision into reality.

Meet Matthew Silliman

Being a creator is what I do, not one to fear away from a challenge I love finding visual solutions. From initial design to final image, I enjoy the creative conceptualization that comes with the collaborative process. With every photoshoot, I strive to improve on what has come before, working on new innovations to express a creative vision. I am not limited to any one style and look forward to the opportunity to challenge conventions when it will be most effective.

Whether you already have exacting image requirements or are looking to take a general idea to final concept, I can help create stimulating images to meet you specific needs.

Who am I?

My interests in art, music, fashion, dance and gymnastics has helped nurture my passion for photography by helping to inform how I see an image.

As an established gymnastics coach with a background in psychology, I have worked with world class athletes shaping my vision of what is aesthetically pleaseing. Additionally my experience as a coach helps me bring out the best abilities in my tallent and gives me a unique perspective on how to communicate clearly. I set the bar and try to blow it away by reaching for broader horizons.

To reach those new horizons, I pull inspiration from other great artists, whether they are photographers or musicians. I look at photography as the art that it is, and I juxtapose it in my mind with musical greats like Johann Sebastian Bach and Eddie Vedder. While their music may be on opposite ends of the spectrum, what ties these two artists together is their ability to adapt to the time they were in to create masterful works that will be remembered for generations.